Smart Glasses and Technology

Auto Eyewear Is Here

More Than Just A Pair Of Glasses

The Eyewear Industry has evolved to more than just a required tool for the sight impaired, these days it has in fact began to lay the foundations for the upcoming wearable technology boom! Never before have so many variations of what was once a very narrow field of business been undertaking in an attempt to secure the attention of the critical masses. The term 'Smart Glasses' is soon to be as commonly used as the term 'Smart Phone' and our world will never be the same. Industry giants who up to this point had never been associated with the Eyewear industry have now implemented their own agendas and started to incorporate their unique technologies into what is their best concept of modern day Eyewear

Many believe the Smart Glass Technology will soon become a part of our everyday lives, with many different functions simply being placed onto 'Auto' to deal with such tasks as navigation, personal alerts, automotive assistance and many other everyday living situations. Quite simply we may just 'Set and Forget' many things we once considered to be distractions and let our Auto Eyewear take care of all the minor stuff for us, imagine a life with more time to relax and enjoy the important stuff, fantastic!

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